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Hellcat pump? It fits!


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March 29, 2015
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2015 Ford Explorer Sport
I recently revisited a project on the platform's low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) and how to upgrade it further than the DW300c. Some of you know I've been working on a dual pump setup, and it's moving along fine. I'm almost finished with the controlling part of it (the bucket is complete and fitment is 100%). Once that is nailed down, this will be a viable solution.

However, I recently became reinvigorated by @802SHO to revisit an attempt that I made over a year ago and had given up on, likely too early. Full disclosure, I can't take all the credit for this one. @802SHO gets the kudos here for giving me a new way to look at the problem and he will be the first one to be running one of these monster pumps in his new setup soon!

So what is it? Well, a Walbro 525 fit test...yes...a Hellcat pump fits! It needs testing and there are a few small concerns regarding flow at the higher pressures this platform sees (the 525 is very strong at lower pressures, but starts to hit a wall higher up) as well as what may happen since we aren't bypassing more fuel with the larger pump, which MAY cause jet pump and erratic idle issues. These are issues that may be able to be addressed (mechanically or via tuning) but it's too early to say. Testing to ensue here shortly!

The dual pump setup may still be a better route to go, but it's hard to deny the price point of a Hellcat pump and some fuel bucket modification (it's deceiving...there's a lot more involved than the photos show).

Here to give the community options!!!




So I'm super ****** off at myself. I went and used my old second fuel bucket laying around to do the "final install". Wanted to make a video of the entire process so the platform can emulate it and do great things...got it all done, bucket looks great, wired up and all, but found out afterwards that the GoPro had failed and didn't record a thing....ugh...

I could make a video using the first fual module I hacked up, but it would be more of a "me talking to the camera" sort of video...ultra boring. I have someone sending me another old bucket, I think and I'll have to recreate the entire process again. I'm getting pretty good at this. So it may be a bit longer, but video to come later rather than sooner, but it's coming...it's completely done and ready to go into the car.

Though I haven't run this thing through it's paces...I'm confident this will work, at the very least, a small bit better than the DW300c...

Hard to tell it's even in there in the pics. You can tell the black band I have around it, though...it's a spacer that is needed to lift it for just enough clearance on the bottom.

I may even do these conversions for others, if the price was right...





Here it is! Everything you need to know in order to install that Walbro 525 Hellcat fuel pump into a 2013-up Taurus SHO or any other transverse 3.5L ecoboost. I may be willing to take this project on for you for a fee. I haven't figured out how much to charge yet, but it takes a few hours in labor to do this the right way and if I'm buying parts, I don't have any sort of dealer accounts anywhere, so there's that as well...

PM me of interested and we'll discuss it.

Hellcat Pump Fitment.jpg