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Hello all, and a question


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January 19, 2019
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Staten Island
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1998 explorer xlt
Hello all fellow exploder fans,

I have a 1998 Explorer xlt in fantastic condition except for water leaking in above the windshield and wrapping around above the front doors. The sunroof drains are clear, the water flows beautifully out the bottom.

I am now looking at a 2006 Eddie Bauer Edition with Advance Teac and rcs.

Are there known issues with this model I should know about?



Well welcome to the fourm. Your question has been asked alot and answered. Here is what I know stay away from the v6 version it has timing chain issues and will cost a few thousand dollars to fix. Also the 5r55 transmission has its own set of issues. The v8 is just a better engine but it also has its issues mainly broken manifold studs and the spark plugs can break in the cylinder when changing them.

Things that both vehicles have is front wheel bearings go bad and can be a real pain to change yourself. On my car I have had three rear axle seals go bad. The ac check valve tends to go bad and you get a hissing noise in the passenger footwell when accelerating. The blend door actuator can occasionally strip gears (I have not had one go bad yet knock on wood). If the car has rear ac and heat you can get a small coolant leak from the heater hose due to the clamp rusting and loosing tension. Radiators can split where the plastic and metal join causing a coolant leak and possibly an over heating codition.

I think theses are the major issues some big some small.

Thank you!
I had a bad rear axle seal as well...