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Hello all and I have a question


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January 10, 2004
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Orlando, FL
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94 XLT 4X4
Found this board after buying a 94 4x4 and have found a lot of helpful advice. Current issue is I got fed up with delays and changing quotes from stereo shops and installed new deck and amp myself. This I thought would go along with current amp and sub.

I ran all new speaker cables from new 4 channel amp to each door speaker. I ran rca inputs from new unit (Pioneer DEH-P6500) to new 4 channel amp while i also ran rca's to sub amp. Ran remote wire from deck to amp powering sub and then split this off to new 4 channel amp.

The sub amp powers up and sub came on briefly at very very low volume. New amp flickers but doesnt power up at all. I currently have a prettily lighted deck, no sound at all. The subwoofer amp shows powered but no sound at all comes from sub. The new amp ( which is the kenwood 8401 or something like that) providers no sound and only glows faintly if at all.

Further info on install, I ran a completely new powerline from battery for new sub and have a seperate ground. Any advice on direction to start troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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get a voltometer, check that ground and see if its good

Mine flickered when it didnt get enough power. Check your grounds.

also check the power wires. if they or the grounds are loose nothing will happen.... check your speaker settings as well...

ty ty

Problem solved. It was combo of bad ground and the remote wire wasnt connected completely. ( Is it ok to run both amps off that remote wire from harness?)

I may need to take a class to tune the sound better, the bass sounds horribly flat compared to old setup(Sony Xplod 4000? hu with sony amp runnin pioneer 10inch.) Anyway, I have sound and will work on getting it dialed in better. Any suggestions on upgrading my sony amp (the one they advertise at 480wt) and pioneer sub? I am looking for decent quality but not particularly interested in waking up whole neighborhood Thank you for suggestions on fixing my problem. Its nice to know there is a place to get straight answers.

ur safe with the remote...what do u mean it sounds flat? u should be able to adjust that with the HU or the x-over on the amp

the HU isnt the greatest for that stuff but itl work