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Hello and a transmission problem!


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April 7, 2009
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How are you all doing?

I am sitting here in Norway wondering what has happened to my transmission AGAIN? Three months ago suddenly the O/D light started blinking continuesly and I noticed that a low "thump" could be heard and felt from the transmission (I presume) when reducing speed suddenly and the gear being shifted, typically when breaking before intersections. I also suspected that it was generally not shifting as smooth as before - but I turned a bit paranoid listening for strange behaviour...
Well I brought it to the garage an the mechanics replaced the converter and the friction discs. Everything was great. No warning lights and smooth shifting. End of story? NOPE: few days ago the story repeats itself exactly. All the same over again. So what can cause this is not the converter or friction discs that are close to brand new and not at all abused?

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Is your truck an all wheel drive model?

Hmmm...my transmission (5R55E) was rebuilt 3 months ago...even the original transmission would "thump" or "overshift" if, say, I gassed it really quickly and then braked real hard....like the transmission wanted to stay in the gear it was in but had gone too far into the next **** to come back. Actually, I think every automatic transmission I've driven did this.