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Hello from Long Island, NY


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June 17, 2018
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Long Island
City, State
Babylon, NY
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2018 Ford Explorer Sport
I purchased and picked up my 2018 Sport yesterday (June 5, 2018). She has the 401a package in White Platinum Paint. I will post pictures when the weather permits. I used to have a Trailblazer SS, traded her in for an Audi S4 (manual, prestige), sold her a couple of weeks ago and joined the Ford family. This vehicle will forever be in my memory, as I retired from my career an hour before picking up the Sport. Any hoot, my name is Bill, anyone else on Long Island?

Cutting and pasting from another forum to this forum is painful, so unfortunately, until i start my own thread, you only get one picture here.

I am known to mod my vehicles as well as show them in national, state, and local car shows. I don't think I will be showing EcoHell as I have two other vehicles for that. I hope to learn what to do and what not to do in this forum..


Thanks BrooklynBay for welcoming me to the family..