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December 28, 2006
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BlackFalds / RedDeer, Alberta
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07 Ford Ranger FX4 Lvl 2
hello my names Paul, I been looking through the pages here and there and thought Id join.
I like see what ppl do to lift their trucks mostly fords I have owned 3 fords so far I had a 84 bronco (dad's) if that counts my dad gave it to my uncle to get fixed up was siting for the longest time then I bought a 93 ranger had that for 2 years then sold that to buy a jeep (I know I know it was suppose to be a trail rig for playing around turn out to be my DD) sold that to my dad for 5,000 and now I have anther ranger 2007 (my dad thought get a ranger to tow the boat and quads) oh well, Im geting used to the ranger again nice truck its a fx4 level 2 oxford white fully loaded without the leather seats website here http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2531372

if anybody can give me some ideas that would be great right now Im thinking Im going to put in line-x in the box then either a topper flat with the roof or a tonneau cover and Nerf bars