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Hi everyone! I just joined due to the incredible amount of information on the SOHC 4.0L timing chain replacement. My '03 Ranger with 200k is starting to make noise, at possibly the worst possible time to find a replacement, so sticking a few thousand into trusty rusty will have to do for now.

I've owned a few Ranger based vehicles in the past. They are: 1991 Ranger S/C 4.0 2wd, 1993 Explorer 4x4, 1999 Mazda B2500, and now the 2003 Ranger FX4. They've all been pretty reliable and have made it over 200k with very few issues, except for the Explorer, which rust took out at 175k.

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Welcome to this forum!

Welcome to the forum

Thanks for the welcomes! It turns out that I'm not so new. I actually dug up an account that I started back in 2000 and Rick was gracious enough to merge my new and old account. :)