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HELP!!!! 00 5.0 misfire


July 3, 2016
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mount Vernon ohio
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Mount Vernon,ohio
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00 ford explorer xlt v8
Please help! OK so what happened was after installing my headers I started it and it had a misfire on cylinder 2 , so I bought new plugs and wires, no change, swapped coils and it stayed on number 2, then upon close inspection, the injector for #2 was unplugged, so I plugged it back in cleared the codes and started it back up, and the mis fire is still there! I think that injector could be bad? , I have no idea what's wrong with it! Please help! thank you,

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are you able to pull wires off at the coils when its running? if you are, pull one, see if the idle changes and put it back on. keep doing it until you pull a wire and nothing changes. you will have then found your problem cylinder

Are you positive the wires are in the correct order?

The cylinder with the problem is #2, I think that injector is bad, it was unplugged, I have no idea how or why tho?, also 2 of my o2 sensors were very loose, I'm not sure why?

If the o2 sensors are leaking they probably won’t read correctly. What makes you think the injector is bad?

Because I've checked everything that is spark related and the problem stays on cylinder 2 and it is also throwing lean codes, so Im guessing it's the injecto but im not sure