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HELP 06 Explorer Transmission Issues

Thomas Forgacs

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September 27, 2019
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2006 Ford Explorer
Hey Guys

I just bought and 06 Explorer V6 4.0 2wd with a 105k miles on it and having transmission issues.
From 1st to 2nd gear it shifts very late at high rpms (4-5.5k), the rest of the gears seems ok but I think it wont shift up in 5ft gear.
I don't seem to have any rough shifting and it doesn't slip
The codes I got for the powertrain control module are P0219, P0732, P0735, P0775
What are the could be the fault and how hard and costly is to repair?

Many Thanks for the reply's

Most likely the overdrive band has broken or for some reason it cannot apply.

Rebuilding the transmission is probably were this is headed. You could remove the pan and inspect it for debis.