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HELP...2000 Explorer surge & speedup problems plus Shock Absorbers..


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June 21, 2016
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2000 Explorer 4Ltr Pet. A
Hi team, I recently purchased a 2000 model Ford Explorer 4 litre, Petrol, Auto, XLT Limited and I am having annoying problems with the Engine light and Overdrive Light intermittently coming on whilst driving and the vehicle surging in revs, speeding up then slowing back down to the original speed that I was doing. I have had the vehicle in at a Ford dealer twice now for a service and replacement chips, which they said should fix the problem, but to no avail.
Can anyone offer any assistance on this matter I would really appreciate it.
I am also in need of 2 rear shock absorbers. can anyone advise if and where I can purchase original Air shockies for this model, in Australia, or Is there an alternative (non Air) shock absorber that can be used.
I really need any assistance in this matter and thank you in advance.

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Sounds like a transmission/torque converter issue. I would advise having a transmission shop check it out.

Monroe makes replacement air shocks.

First thing to do is document your encounters with the dealer because you're entitled to either money back or a repair that fixes the problem.

I've no idea where to buy shocks in Australia, but you can use any shock meant for an '00 Explorer, need not be an air shock if you don't want to have an air shock setup, though with the age of the vehicle you might find that the leaf springs have sag by now and you'd need either air shocks or Gabriel or Monroe coilover shocks to fix that if you don't want to replace the leaf springs.

Forscan is free and can pull all the diagnostic codes from the PCM. You don't want the OBD codes, you want the full extended codes from all modules in the vehicle. Forscan lite is ~$5 and is even easier to use.

The extended codes should give you some insight into the engine and/or transmission problems. Your issue could be as simple as a shift solenoid starting to fail (which often the PCM will tell you which one). Shift Solenoids can be changed without dropping the transmission or removing the valve body (you only have to drop the pan and remove a small bracket).

I wouldn't spend money on the suspension until you get the engine running proper.

The overdrive light should be flashing out the transmission trouble codes, but Forscan is easier than trying to count the flashes and search for their meaning.