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HELP! 2005 XLT will not go over 20mph

Shannon Saefkow

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February 10, 2018
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Mayfield Hts ohio
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2005 ford explorer XLT v6

i have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4x4 160k miles. While driving to work ( approx 50mph) my "check Transmission" came on my dash and then went off. the truck drove fine all the way to work. i shut it off and went to work as usual. went to drive home and it wont go over 20 mph. checked under the hood. my MAS is still connected all the way. hoses are still attached. truck runs and drives fine. just wont go into 3rd gear. tried turning the OD on and off (thinking the band broke in the transmission) still not working. no codes, nothing. never had a transmission problem until now.

i just got a new engine dropped in it right before the warranty went out on it. and the fuel pump senor went bad but i already fixed that. i already put new filters and has had a tune up. the exhaust has a hole in it in the spring and i replaced it.

could the cats be clogged and causing the issue? or the speed sensors are bad? im praying the tranny doesn't need rebuilt. please help.

It could be the Cats, I just went though that with mine.There are some ways to check them if you search youtube there are some good troubleshooting videos for it. climb under and tap them with a deadblow hammer and see if you hear a rattle (other than the shields). My drivers side and and 3rd cat were clogged and the truck would barely to 20mph and eventually would barely run above idle.