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HELP!! 2010 Ford Explorer Seat Issues


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October 25, 2011
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Hey Guys

My friend has a 2010 Explorer and hates the Seats!!
He's 6.1 and sits in the seat like he has a crooked back!

He complains that the headrest pointing forward puts him in an awkward position where his head leans to the window.

The Back part of the seat is at a bad angle for his back - his 2002 Explorer was perfect

Any Ideas From any member would be greatly appriciated!!

I suggested flipping the headrest so the angle points to the rear for now.


it really depends on the seats that are in the vehicle... i have a 2006 limited with leather and heat so i have found a perfect position and find this to be one of the most comfortable vehicles I've ever owned... ALSO i have a fractured back from the army so its really hard to get a car i can drive without a lot of pain and my explorer does that for me... SO ket us know what seats u have (cloth leather, electric, manual)

i will swap seats with him if he got an eddie bauer? I like the 2010 seats better in my opinion