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Help! 2017 body parts- where to find?


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July 14, 2017
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2017 Ford Explorer Police
Hello PIU Forum. First time poster here and need some help.
Just got a 2017 with a damaged roof, quarter panels, and front sheet metal. Can't find parts.
Can someone advise.

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Yep. Tree fell on it. Crushed driver side axle and drivers door. Stock door can be bought for $1000. Ouch.

Good link boomin'
They have a roof in Maryland for $750. Need to get up there anyway to see the cousins! Now to see if I can find the other parts.

Is it mostly damaged panels or is there significant structural damage? Any pics?

Don't forget to check for dealers that offer decent parts discounts. Autonation white bear lake has OE front fenders for $158 each, roof panel for $636, driver door shell $778. I found a dealer in my area that gets pretty close to their prices, so maybe you can find one in your area. Good luck on your search.

Thanks KayGee. My body guy is steering me away from high priced dealership parts though. Probably will need some though. Here is the damage:

I see roof, pillars, quarter panels, axle, windshield, drivers door, front panel, and hood. My body guy will find more too.