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Help! 2nd row driver's side seat removal


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March 10, 2010
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Ridgecrest, CA
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'04 V8 4WD
Hello all-

I'm trying to remove my 2nd row driver's side seat to run power wires for on-board air and my system. There are a total of 6 fastener retaining the 40% side of the 60/40 seat: 3 nuts on studs and 3 bolts. The LAST bolt (furthest rearward, far drivers side) just goes around and around!!! :banghead:

Anyone else experienced this?? It took ALOT of grease to get this bolt to even turn. (18" breaker bar). Anyone had this issue before? I'm open to suggestions... Can I grab something under the car??

Has enyone ever fished lines under this seat and into the cargo area?

EDIT: I don't have 3rd row seating... if that matters??


I got it. The bolt was super stipped. I ended up cramming a pry bar under the seat bracket and lifting while rotating the bolt. I ended up drilling out the remaining threads and running a bolt + washer in that location.

I HIGHLY recommend penetration oil all of you seat retaining bolts on the underside of the truck before removal...