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help.. 4r55e slips in all gears after rebuild


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November 24, 2007
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1996 EB 4.0USA
:us:Rebuilt my 4r55e, blown intermediate band. rebuilt valve body new servos. Now tranny slips in all gears and have to accelerate to move, back on rack, line pressure only 25 psi at idle in all gears when warm.

Hey, guy sounds like the v-body was not rebuild correctly. You might want to purchase a new or use (if use make sure it was taken-off from a working tranny) they run form $95 to $140 for a used or $250 for a new one @ E-bay (Don’t know if you trust them). But I can hook you up with a buddy of mine here in El Paso, TX for around $75 or so just let me know, ok.
I was having a problem with my ST2001 Tranny back in Dec.2007 had to remove it myself and rebuild the whole thing (it was a nice experience). By the way I was a newbie to this Tranny rebuild stuff, yet my knowledge has expanded, thanks to this forum and other research I have done, by the way my ST is runny smooth and working perfectly.

Hey I also found out about a place down at Arizona that sells tranny (all types) around $950 (rebuild of course) plus the core fees (450). But you’ll get your money back once you return your tranny. Sounds like a deal!!!

Here are some prices:
T-Converter $95
Oil Filter $6
Gasket and seal $65 (all of them)
Servos ($12 Inter-Mid or $8 Overdrive)
Bands $18 Originals $9 Generic
Planet gear $85 (I had to change this one)
Shift Solenoids (al l4) are $27 each
Torque Converter Solenoids @ $55
EPC solenoid $94
V-body gaskets $4 each (u need two)
Clutch plates $4 each you need 14 (3 OD, 5 Inter-Mid, 6 Forward)
Tran-oil $2.97 @ Walmart
Vaseline $2

Then again I can get you the use V-body’s for $75 includes all parts except the gaskets.