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HELP!!!!! 92 Headlight Problems.

Okay here it is another fabulous problem with the 1992 explorer...... First of all I had 100 watt high/80 watt low bulbs in my explorer since feb of this year.......recently they started acting up, they started shuting off and coming right back on, well sometimes, sometimes they would just stay off and i'd have to shut off the headlight switch and turn it back on... that would happen while i used the low beams for a long time....and when i use the high beams they would start to "flicker" in a shorter amount of time.

Heres the kicker, I thought that the bulbs were messing it i took the 80/100 watt bulbs out and put the stock ones in.... they still act in the same way as it does with the high watt bulbs......I'm lost HELP ME PLEASE!

i was thinking if i get a upgrade harness, the kind made to opperate high watt bulbs, thicker gauge wire and relay...ect....that maybe it would solve the problem....What do you think of this????

I would appericate any kind of help with this problem...its gettting to be a pain in the ass.

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