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Wanted HELP 94 Explorer intermittent stalling, rough idle, no start


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March 17, 2012
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1994 Ford Explorer
I have a 94 ford explorer 4wd. 213,000 miles. Has been giving me alot of trouble lately. replaced coilpack, spark plugs and wires, maf sensor, egr valve. replaced fuel filter bc car wouldn't accelerate uphill or drive at highway speeds. mechanic found lots of trash in old fuel filter. but did not fix problem. finally had fuel pump/strainer and fuel pump regulator replaced a month later (after still driving it under those conditions) and problem fixed. but only for 2 weeks. car would not crank all of a sudden. towed to ford dealer, told me i needed throttle position sensor and dpfe sensor (egr related). paid $625, fixed problem.

one week later, check engine light returns but keeps coming on and going off intermittedly. days later, car stalled while going through light. would not start, so i had it towed back to ford. it sat overnight bc they couldn't get to it right away. next morning, mechanic said it fired right up and i was able to pick it up and drive it home. next time i tried to drive it it hesitated after cranking with very rough idle. accelerated, and car sputtered but then smoothed out and drove fine. the next day i drove it no problem starting it or driving, but when i went into walmart and came back out it would not start. had it towed back to ford.

they couldn't get to it til the next morning bc of other customers. but he told me that it started right up and they left the engine running for an hour and found no codes when they did another diagnostic test. so obviously whatever the problem is, after the truck sits for a while, it goes away.

car was stalling as well as stop lights and screeching very loudly when i accelerated. had idler pulley and serpentine belt replaced and the noise went away and truck seemed to run better. but only for a couple of hours. stalled again and would not start unti hours later.

when it has not been driven, it will start right up. but sometimes it idles roughly then stalls suddenly. drives fine when on the highway but its just stalling and does not want to idle smoothly!

battery, starter, and alternator have all been tested and are fine! another sensor? vacuum leak? trash in my tank? more trash in fuel filter? any help into pointing towards the direction of my problem would be greatly appreciated.

dunno if u fixed it but i had the same problem with bad fuel pumps. bought a airtex pump from autozone, car died just like yours. replaced the fuel pump with another airtex, ran fine for 2 weeks then same thing. bought a delphi from advance auto, i can drive as far as i want now. replace your pump and filter at the same time and dont get a cheap pump. airtex has a 20% return rate on their pumps