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HELP! 96 Explorer Limited


June 16, 2011
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help! i changed the battery in my keyless entry remote and now doesnt work no more:notworthy .i have a 96 explorer limited 4dr.i watched many youtube vids but they are all for 98-up ford/linc/merc. i was so desperate i tried them any way and it didnt work and my power locks didnt respond at all.but all my power windows and door locks work with the switches and buttons.

Found these instructions on the internet:
1) Turn ignition key to "on" without starting engine

2) Press and do not release the alarm bypass button located under the dash (directly below the steering column and above the brake pedal) which is located next to the alarm computer module. Hold for 15 seconds and don't release until all steps are completed.

3) The alarm will chirp 3 times, telling you that it is ready to receive your remote code.

4) Wait 5 seconds, then press the "arm" or "lock" button on your two button remote.

5) The alarm will again chirp, to let you know you have successfully programmed the remote.

6) Repeat steps 4 - 5 for any additional remotes you wish to program.

7) Release the bypass button and turn the ignition off.

Check to make sure the newly programmed remote(s) work by pressing the arm and disarm buttons to see if they work.

If that doesn't work, try the following link:

thank you for tryin to help. my alarm is factory .i didnt find any module box or button under the dash. i tried the instructions on the link but like before my locks did not respond after the ignition on/off cycles=(