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Help a newb


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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hey guys, first post soo here it goes, i live in hillsgrove pa, this winter we go alot of snow, anyways, i have a early body explorer, i just put used set of 31's bfg at and snow chains on, and still got stuck in the snow.

i want it to be able to run 80mph down the highway, and get 14mpg in the city, with a 35" tire, i also want to add more power to it, i want to be atleast able to keep up with some fullsize trucks

what should i get? im soo lost

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What year is it? What size under the hood. For starters get an free flowing exhust and a cold air intake, mac has a nice one at I think sells them. Get a tune from Doug over at, but remember he does the tunes based on the mods you have.

your looking at something tricky to do. maybe a turbo 4.0 might meet your demands. power for 80mph cruise speeds on a 35" tire, then you can slash the boost to nothing for your 14mpg in the city. the whole 14mpg city looks like the big wall there, shouldnt be a problem with the stock tires, but on a 35". thats much heavier, and your going to give it the gas to get it to move like it did before, and your going to need lower gears to cut down on stress for the tranny. so if you run 4.88 gears and 35" your likely to get like 8mpg in the city. your going to need a good amount of lift to fit the 35"s also, check out the wheels and tires section for the lift requirements, i think its like 4-6" suspension and 3" bodly lift, and you might still need to trim some stuff.

looks like your gonna a couple G's, 3" body lift $80-100, 4+"suspesion lift $800+, 35" tires $6-800, wheels if you need them $200, things you'll find out you need halfway though $2-400, and more for gears.

Well you could do an engine swap for something bigger if you want more power. I have seen a raised jeep on 35's pull 12's at the drag strip last time I went. As far as good gas milage with what you want done good luck.

is your truck an automatic or 5-speed?

If you are manual, 5.13 gearing will push 35s nicely, but 80 mph might be pushing it. 4.56 for an auto.

70 mph, i can still see 16-18 mpg... 80mph more like 12, haha

i have a manual tranny with 4.56 and 32s" which is pretty much the same final ratio as 35"s and 5.13... 18 miles per gallon around town.

If it were possible, 4.88 gearing and 35"s would be perfect for what you want, although they dont make 4.88 for our front axle.

6" skyjacker lift will do you right.