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help! a surprise in a4ld pan

Tom Norton

July 12, 2012
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Western North Carolina
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'94 Ranger XLT 4.0L 4WD
dropped the pan off my '94 ranger for shift kit install and fluid/filter replace. behold a steel pin around 1&5/16th length and about 1/8" diameter laying in it. it's ball ended and has a high degree of surface finish (centerless ground maybe?)
what is this and where does it go??
any help appreciated.

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anyone hazard a guess? I checked the innards before and after (useing a strong LED light to illuminate) I dropped the VB and no sign of where this pin could fit??

sorry no digi-cam.
the description is as close as words could put it.
approx 1/8" diameter, 1&5/16" length and slick surface finish. definitely steel - it's magnetic

Is it the item at the far left of the photo or the one in the middle?

That would suck. Sounds like he is describing a pin though. I have no idea what it could be.

nm pic's not from the op ;(

need to get some coffee.

it's not the pin for the pawl or shifting linkage.
I'm going to access Glacier's thread of the a4ld build to try to identlify
since I found a spring in a channel of the case after I pulled the VB I figure these 2 pieces mate somewhere.
it's a round pin - not a stamping or other flat part

A spring in the VB? There is one stuck in there to catch chunks before they hit one of the solenoids... kind of like a filter.

So you found this pin after you removed the valve body? It would be easier to identify if you could some how upload a photo. Put the case filter spring back into the case before you reinstall the valve body.

almost certain it's the modulator pin after checking Glacier's thread and seeing the foto and warning that it can easily come out.
the spring I'm not sure, it's sized apparently to fit over the pin but it easily and somewhat firmly fits into the channel. I removed it and replaced the VB after installing the transgo kit and sonnax booster
I plan on replaceing the modulator, they have a service life span.