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Help and/or suggestions needed on ’02 SportTrac suspension


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April 13, 2021
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Kaneohe, Hawaii
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2002 Ford SportTrac
My ’02 SportTrac suspension sucks!!!

The front bottoms out when going over speed bumps, gravel roads feel like I’m out rock jumping, driveways feel like I’m in a dingy on high seas…..
Over the past 10 months I’ve changed the shocks, replaced body bushings and put new tires on all the way around and the ride stays exactly the same….

I’ve both read and been told that lowering it will help alleviate the ride issues I’m experiencing. Lowering it is only a bottom of the list option for me though. And finding a quality and affordable kit is proving to be somewhat…….. impossible.

If anyone has any suggestions, improvisations, web links or ideas that will help me achieve a more stable, comfortable and SAFE ride quality I would greatly appreciate it cuz I’m tired of feeling like I’m gonna be thrown out of the passenger side window every time I turn into a driveway

Mahalo & Aloha


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February 8, 1999
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Wayoutin, Aridzona
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'93 XL Pumpkin Edition
I don't see how lowering it would help your issues. Did whoever tell you to do that give you an explanation as to why it would keep the front end from bottoming?

How many miles are on your Sport Trac?