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Help! Anyone have a Write up on Aviator side mirrors Install with wiring instructions


April 9, 2010
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Washington dc
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2003 XLT
Lincoln Aviator Mirror for sale, anyone have Write up on how to wire/ Install?

******for anyone interested I have a drivers side Lincoln Aviator mirror I can sell I ended up getting a set from someone local after I had just ordered it.

After having my explorer randomly crashed into and pushed onto a curb 4a.m. one morning and scrapping a few of my previous desired mods, I moved on to my others one being installing Lincoln Aviator mirrors. I have searched and have not found a write up on the procedure with wiring details and all that. Im new to the wiring thing and I just pretty much deal with basic stuff but I do want to get into it since I have the time to dedicate it and have received my mirrors. I googled it and came across a post on ************ but it wasn't exactly what I needed. I have a 2003 xlt and want to install the mirrors and keep all of the functionality. I currently do not have the heated ford mirrors but want to utilize the heated function on the Aviators. I know they tilt when you put the tranny in reverse but I have read that function can't be utilized on Explorers. What I have learned is that I will need to use my explorer harness and will need to add a wire for the turn signals..I have no idea how to do it or how it looks lol. I was thinking of going to the parts yard and getting the harness off of another explorer that would have the heated function already..not sure if the connector ends will fit but that is why I am asking my explorer fam ;). If anyone has done this or know what is the easiest/ best way to get these installed I would appreciate it! Im a visual person so pics would be great too lol.thanks in advance! Also..does anyone know the difference between ford explorer front bumper covers and Aviator front bumper covers?

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As of yet, I'm (almost) positive no one here has done an aviator side mirror swap. There is however a Mountaineer side mirror swap, AND a mirror-turn-signal install available.

I bought Mountaineer mirrors off eBay for cheap, it was plug-and-play between them.

I also promise you the bumpers are not interchangeable. So far, bumpers are one of those 'specifically-molded' parts that go only on the car they were molded for. Even if you managed to get another bumper to 'mount', the contours would never line up well.


I wouldn't dismiss the bumper covers.

Looking @ this as well.

Along w the side cladding.

@EndFed I feel you on that cladding too..Im contemplating it but I have some other cladding im going to try to mod on I bought a while back. To me it seems like the bumper may work..there is an aviator at a junkyard near me and i put it on an ex in the yard..the bumper was pretty messed up but seems like with a little cutting it may work..didnt look too bad either when i go back ill try and take a pic of it

@MR Dubya this is one of the members who actually did it check em out , I just messaged him to see if he could help us who want to do it

Good to know the Aviator mirrors have the green light. I'll keep a mental note of that in my head.


Pics would be great !

That's a nice silver X, be nice if there was a kit that wasn't complained about. Everyone seems to raise their X after lowering it, & one guy from Iceland had the V8 & said the springs must've been designed for the 4.0. Don't know of a good kit, do you?

Those avi mirrors are nice. I thought it was a stupid idea, but really adds to the truck.

Hmmmm, not bad, something for me to think about.
What year mirors are used?
I have an 02 XLT

Ive been looking to get the aviator mirrors and I finally got them. How hard was the wiring? I'm installing them on a 04 explorer xlt. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

05 Aviator mirrors on 03 Limited

Aviators have a completely different wiring system, including the mirror switch. To avoid splicing together positive wires, I purchased an Aviator mirror switch (very hard to come by at the wreckers. Almost all were missing from the Aviators I looked through.)

I've yet to continue with the project.
Aviator mirror switches look the same, are they different?