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HELP ASAP with vac lines

September 25, 2010
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1997 explorer 5.0
ok, so im getting ready to install the upper mani on my 97 5.0 explorer with EGR, i took as many pics as i could during the process, but i forgot to document the hoses on the upper,where they go. i know one goes to the booster, and the thing on the back with two hoses goes to the egr tube. i'm lost after that lol.

any help would rock! i need to get this done!

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Dumb question, but isn't there a vacuum diagram in your chilton/haynes? Or even somewhere under the hood?

I have a huge file of them somewhere, I should be able to upload one when I find it. Good luck in the meantime

i have diagrams, but it doesnt really help with what the routing is

ok,got sll them figured out but two on the drivers side of the upper intake.