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Help: Audio Problem


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March 20, 2009
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2005 explorer
Sorry this is a double post. original is in 2002-2005.... forgot this forum was here

Hello guys and gals, Well my problem started last night. Whenever i go over a big bump my speakers shut off, however my subs stay on.... once i hit a large bump again they go back on....

I have changed my head to the factory thinking that may be my problem but it is not. it makes sense that something is loose but what?

Thanks so much


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You are probably getting a short that shuts down the head units amp. Check the wires and wiring at the speakers and head unit. Another option is to use the fader and balance to find out which speaker is causing the problem.

i had the same problem in a car. for me it was the connection onto the speaker the end that is on the wire just needed to be changed. so i would try that

ok thanks guys i will try various things! but it is all speakers.......

Are your speakers and sub running off the same or seperate amp(s)?

Factory Amp shorting out maybe? (if it has one, just a thought)

update: subs are on separate amp, speakers coming off head unit.

took apart the drivers panel and messed around a bit... problem seems to be gone... not sure what it was.....

Thanks all

I know this looks like it has already been solved, but some Aftermarket head units will shutdown the internal amplifier if it is being shorted out. So, it could have been a speaker lead.
For a long time, I was running a set of 6x9 in the rear 5x7 slots. They didn't fit to good, so they kind of just hung there with the magnet being the only that fit in the slots (I was BROKE!), So, as I would go over "rough terrain" they would shift around the slots, and the speaker leads would hit the metal cutout slot, shorting out the internal amp temporarily. All I had to do was turn the radio on and off, and it would come right back on, but it is something that was rectified once the new speakers went in and were properly mounted.