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HELP!! bad headlight switch on my 92???

heres my problem.

I had Xexon 80/100 bulbs in my x for about 8 months,, they started messing up lately and I took them out around thanksgiving, i won't be putting them back in either now that i know how much they can mess up the headlight system....when they were in sometimes the headlights, and only the headlights would cut off and come back on....the parking lights stayed on...and if i used the brights, then they would go off really quickly...and if i would drive for 30 mins or more the low beams would cut off...i'd have to shut the switch off and quickly turn it back on...and sometimes that didn't fix it.

I put the regular bulbs back in now and when i use the high beams i've had them cut off 2 times in the past 2 weeks on me....haven't experience the problem with the low beams, but i haven't driven a long distance with my low beams on yet...I hate this problem.

When it happens the parking lights stay on and only headlights go off....could this be a bad headlight switch?? i've heard they go bad on 91-94's.

If its not, is it possible that i messed up the stock wiring with the high watt bulbs???? if so could i fix that buy buying a high watt wiring harness?? so it pulls power from the battery.

please help me this problem is annyoing and unsafe.