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Help!! Black box behind panel in cargo area??


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May 2, 2000
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'92 4door 4wd XLT
Ok, well i decided to bypass my facatory amp today. I forgot which side it was on so i took off the little door to the jack in the cargo area and looked around. I saw a little black box with a heat sink atached that looked an awful lot like the amp. So i removed the whole rear panel. Luckly i just unpluged all the wires and listend to the radio before i started cutting. With all the wires unplugeed the radio still played so i figured it wasn' the amp. But what got me was there was a rattling around inside of it. and then a little round red electrical componnet fell out. Like a resistor or diode thingy. I plugged everythikng in and put it back. it starts up and runs fine but im sure that red thing that broke off must go to something. I just don't know what. Can anyone tell me what that box is?? THnx

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keyless entry system most likely

Don't double post!

Sorry didn't mean to double post, didn't think i did but i guess i did. Its not the keyless entry because i don't have keyless entry. ITs a 92. I drove it around today and it seems fine. Everything seems to work, the only think i can think is that i have only rear ABS could it be the abs computer? if so i definatly need to fix it, but so far my brakes haven't had a problem. But i don't want them to fail on me.

My rear ABS light has been on in my truck for over a year according to the notes the previous owner put in the manual. Your front and rear brakes will still work with rear ABS out. You just wont get the stutter step so you have to pump your self. Which I prefer but I am not trying to start anything because I know that time and time again ABS out brakes pumping 10 out of 10 times. I just prefer pumping better.

Thnx for the help, ive looked through both a chiltons and haynes manual and haven't found anything close. I don't t hink its the ABS now, my light works fine and braking is fine, and both the manuals don't sayanything about any ABS in the rear. Not the wipers or pump, I now think it might be the rear heater. The little light doesn't come on when i push the button, but one of the wires is broken off and i can't remeber if it came on before. i Think i might stop by the dealership and ask tomorow, But would still appreciate the help.

I believe thier is a black box in the rear drivers side that is a control for the 4x4 switching... You might want to try engauging the 4x4 and Low Range to make sure it works too...