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Help! Can't Find Wire Color Code!


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July 21, 2002
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'98 Explorer Sport v6
I have looked and looked on the internet but I can't find the right color code. I know ford changes out there colors every so often. I have a 98 Explorer Sport. I know someone can help me!

Here's what I have in my explorer:

Black - ground of course
Green - ?
white w/ orange stripe - ?
white w/ red stripe - ?
purple w/ white stripe - ?
blue w/ black stripe - ?
brown - ?
yellow - ?
blue - ?

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Sorry, I fogot to say this is for the factory stereo.

if no one can try a dealer or an install shop. Easiest thing to do is to get an adapter.

have you run a search on here? im pretty sure its been covered. theres a site that has it but im drawing a total blank..hopefully someone will chime in here.

audioinstaller...somethin like that

I have ran a search on here. I've also looked on tons of other sites. the problem is I haven't found that one site that has the answer. the problem is that ford will change the wiring color code on the same vehicle in the same year. Ford Co. , why do you have to make things so difficult !!!!

Lucky for you I just installed my car stereo last week.
Do you have premium sound? I'll scan in a schematic tonight for you.:D

speakers wires:
W/O -LF (-)
(Y) LR(-)
BR RF (-)
LB RR (-)
LG LF (+)
LB/BK LR (+)
W/R RF (+)
P/W RR (+)

Just go buy the $10 adapter. Much cheaper and all the wires are labelled. I have always bought adapters because it isn't worth the hassle trying to figure it all out.

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thanks for your help guys. terdrocket, you have a pretty dog.