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Help Confused


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November 29, 2007
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Lynchburg VA. OR Nashville TN
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from trying to piece togather threads i get lost and many bits and pieces of info ..thats hard to put togather..

I have a 1996 XLT Xplorer

I understand that i have an independent front suspension...and im just wonderin ... ( i have a basic understand of what that is))

when people do axel swaps what are their reasons for it..and ( you keep the IFS or get rid of it))

i have heard of people doing SOA on the front can i do that??
and what is the deal with coil springs...can i do that..and (get lift) but have to change many other things??

basically im trying to get 4.56 gears for 34s and im trying to see if its better (cheaper) to do a axel swap with the gears in it already then pay for the gears and installation kits and the work..
but also get a good lift in the front... so that i dont neccessarily have to go with the sloped SOA

my door on my X says axel (( D4)) .. ok so that tells me what??

wow ok i know that alot..but thanks so much for any help.. im trying to get a grip on these things...

if anyone who reads this is around the Lynchburg VA.. or Greensboro NC... area.. let me know..
maybe we can meet up and you could show me.. and do some wheelin!!
thanks GUYS