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Help diagnosing rough idle.


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March 29, 2006
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Vista, CA
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1996 XL
Wife's came home last weekend and engine had a rough idle. I scanned the motor KOEO and pulled a Code 157 MAF sensor. I replaced the MAF sensor and the code went away. Ran a scan KOEO & KOER and pulled no codes. Rough idle continues, so I inspect IAC which was replaced a couple of years ago. Valve looks sticky, but working. Replaced with Motorcraft IAC. Today, I decided to drive the EX to work. The idle smooths out over 1800 RPMs, although I felt a slight shudder while cruising at 70 mph. When I returned home I noticed excessive fuel consumption. Third of a tank for 70 miles. Now, I suspect Fuel Pressure Regulator or Fuel Injectors. I have ruled out head gasket, car ran cool the whole ride on a 103 degree day in Southern CAL. Besides the intake gaskets, what else could cause this condition? I replaced the DPFE sensor about fifty thousand miles ago with Ford upgrade.

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Have you checked for a vacuum leak?

I checked all vacuum. I have read from previous posts that intake gaskets are an issue. However, it appears that is with the 95 and up models.

Try seafoam through the intake.

I now have 236+K miles on my 94 EB Ex. I used to get 12-14 MPG when I purchased it with 175K. I recently got over 23 mpg on a recent road trip.

You may need a tranny modulator. After I replaced it and the truck ran much better!

25 dollar part. paid a local shop $100 to install it for me. Good Luck!


After reading another recent post on rought idle, I found one of my fan blades missing. This cured the problem immediately. Thanks.