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HELP ERRORS P0135, P0141, P0155, P0161, P0403, P0443 check envine light on


October 17, 2012
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2006 Ford Explorer XLT

I have a 2006 Explorer, and recently my check engine light turned on all of a sudden, and I took it to be checked out and found out that it six errors, P0135 and P0141, P0155 and P0161 (O2 sensors, Heat circuit) and P0403 (EGR) and P0443 (EVAP), the car is not mechanically failing, everything is ok, but it looks like its something electrical, might it be a fuse? is so what fuse could it be? I am really not very mechanically knowledgeable, so any help you can give me would be appreciated

Thanks very much!

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Those issues are not fuse related those are all part of the emission system, O2 sensors are easy to replace and would be a good place to start. If you are not familiar with these systems it would be best to take it to a qualified repair shop!

Thanks for the reply, I will do just that, but it seems weird that all of a sudden all these problems just showed up, also do you know the part numbers for the o2 sensors? i think they are DY-835 and DY-1093, do I need to buy 2 of each?


The first few codes point at the O2 sensors and the last to at the vacuum and evap systems. I would get starter fluid start the engine and spray the starter fluid around the vacuum lines and see if the engine runs better when spraying a certain area of vacuum lines. If it does you have now found the bad line if not then it is not a vacuum line. With both O2 sensors not working right you will loose gas mileage. Check the cost to bring it to a local Ford dealer and have them give you a pin point reading. One dealer near me charged $125 the other charged $80. I weigh the cost of a few parts to the cost of the pin point reading and see what is going to be cheaper in the end.

Which engine do you have? Does the engine run rough and buck a little? I just remembered my BIL had a 4.2 that the upper intake had a leak and caused a lot of codes to be displayed. It was $30 in parts and a half day to repair.

Hi, thanks for the reply, my engine does not buckle nor fail, i have a 4.0, 6 cyl engine RWD, i took it to a mechanic, says there is no mechanical failure, only the heater sensor on the O2 sensors and the evap and egr sensors


In order to have all of those codes all at once a major EVAP system line had to have come loose somewhere. If you are not having idle issues then it is not on the vacuum side, but something major had to have come loose and it should be obvious if you track the hoses of the EVAP/EGR system.

I was there with the mechanic, he checked all the lines, took down the gas tank and checked those lines, then checked the lines that go to the engine, everything was fine, he said, so now he says that a major short must of caused the sensors to fail at once, but I did not experience that, I did notice that two times the Check RR turn signal error appeared and then went away, and my turn signals are functioning, don't know if that is related, so now I am stumped on what could it be, If anyone had a similar issue, would appreciate feedback

Thanks everybody!

Good to know that all the lines were checked. I agree with the assessment that a short could have caused it and may still be causing issues. I have seen mice and packrats get into a vehicle and cause things to short out by chewing through wires and then it hits the side of the frame, etc. while you are driving causing things to short out, but usually fuses get blown in the process. It sounds like you need to check your fuses, grounds, and connectors in the EGR and EVAP system to make sure that everything is correctly grounded and you don't have any exposed wires before anything gets replaced

Thanks Flag Gibby, Do you know what fuses would be the ones that are for the sensors, EGR and EVAP?


I am not sure what fuse they go through since there is no obvious label in the fuse box diagram, but they get their power from some fused junction.

Thanks!! I'll try to find it, Will post back what I find

Please I require help ... I have exactly the same problem ... my truck is the same model and has 6 codes
As this problem solved
I've spent a lot of money

Thanks and forgive my bad English I only speak Spanish

Hey foregus did you ever find out what happened and how to fix it. I have the same exact codes and I would like to get it fixed.

Hello, yeah sorry for not posting, but when i took it to the dealer they said the car computer PCM was at fault and needed to be replaced, so i went to a junkyard and got the same one as my car (CA compliant) and had it replaced, fine ever since, so check that out and have them check each part individually first (sensors) so you make sure the parts work properly

Hope you get it fixed faster than me, good luck!

Thank you for replying I will call and get a cost on a new one in the morning and see how bad they kill me for that. Where is the pcm located?

you can get cheap ones on ebay, but first make sure your PCM is bad, and also make sure you get the correct part number for your car, it's in the dash i think, i did not take it out so I do not know where it is, maybe someone here can answer that


It seems that 06 explorer have the same problem.. Mine it's giving me the same codes
I suggested you check you harness next to the air filter, mine was all wear down
All wires were exposed and probably made a lot of shorts ciurcuits

I had the same codes for a couple years on an 06 Mountaineer, replaced the PCM with one from ebay, and had the dealership mate it to the keys.

No more CEL