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help full width d44 questions

im in the process of doing a sas one my 93 explorer on a budget.. my issue is im using the stock 78-79 radius arms and mounts and i dont know if i need to space out the mounts or what. i already have 7* wedges installed and i have the 5.5 wh coils and and adjustable trac bar. just kinda stuck on that

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ive been through those im trying to utilize the stock ra and stay on a budget. and im also using the 78-79 full width axle. i have the ra mounts bolted up and when i tried bolts the ra to them they were probably 1.5" outside the mounts. so i used the comealong to pull the ra ends closer so the can go in the mounts.

If you're wanting to run a full width axle and not space the radius arm brackets out from the frame, it has been done before, but I can't remember who it was. Someone from Colorado I think. Maybe offroader_69_me? Maybe others did it too.
I liked that idea enough that I was going to do the same thing back when I almost went SAS.

i can space them i work in a steel shop so i can get any type of steel i need. im going to have to fab up the coil buckets cause i cant find any. i just wanna do this as cheap and as smart as i can. the plan is get it done soon so i can take it to oc for cruise week in may.

sweet thank you for that ill get them ordered up tomorrow. i ended up getting an adjustable trac bar for an early bronco will that work for being full width

Try reading my SAS build. I used the factory mounts with custom arms, but swapped the mounts side to side and moded them a bit.

With the 78-79 axle, you're pretty much going to have to space the frame mounts out. 77-older axle you could cut the wedges off the axle- move them in- weld them back on.

Would you happen to know by how much like maybe 1-1.5"

I really dont know, but id say more like 2-3" on either side.

I came up with 2 7/16" per side by comparing a ranger first gen frame at the coil buckets with a 78 bronco at the cool buckets it seems like someone makes pre spaced
Buckets? Duff or a someone? I am moving my mounts in.

Alright will the be the same for the ra mounts 2-7/16" cause I'll probably just grab some
2-1/2 square tube and space it with that

Seems like logical reasoning to me. There Might be a mount that's wider . I don't know. There is some room for error with both the coil mounts and the radius arm mounts.

Alright I'll give it a go tomorrow after work. Thanks for your input