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Help!! Gas Mileage Problem!!


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October 1, 2001
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1996 XLT
Ok, I know there are a ton of threads on gas mileage problems, but I need some help in finding my specific problem.
I have 1996 XLT and I get about 14 MPG city and 16 HWY if I'm lucky. I only have 65000 miles on the vehicle.

I had a full tune up done about 5000 miles ago and there was no change. The plugs were completely burned out. The mechnanic check the computer to make sure the O2 sensors were good and they were.
I recently cleaned the MAS sensor and reset the computer and have still seen nothing. Acutally, the mpg sometimes will get even worse than what I said above.

I drive the car pretty conservatively and have tried different types of gas. I drive about half HWY and half City.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my X? Or tell me what else I can do?

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Maybe there is noithing "wrong" wit it. Could it bee the way you drive?

You can add a cat back exhaust and a KKM intake; both will help mileage.

You can run synthetic fluids all around; this will help mileage.

Be sure that you tires have the correct air pressure.

Good luck....

Did the tune up include a fuel filter? If not change it. You said the plugs were "burned out." Were they melted, soot covered, oily or just plain worn out? The plugs can tell you alot about how the engine is running and depending on what they looked like, they can tell you where to start when trying to find lossed performance.

I drive it conservatively, not gunning around town or anything.
mrboyle: the plugs were just worn, nothing melted or coating them. The fuel filter was changed.

You said the milage actually goes down a little after you do these things. It is because you reset the computer. the engine has to relearn how you drive, thus using more fuel. I have been told by a few local mechanics that resetting the computer is not helpful and will actually cause worse gas milage. I took their word and have not reset my computer in about 8 months or 10,000 miles. I average about 19-20 MPG mixed driving. I also have a Borla cat-back exhaust and the K&N drop-in air filter along with a 66 MM Throttle body, synthetics all around, Bosch premium plug wires and Bosch plus 4 plugs, and I upgraded tire size and recalibrated the speedometer. Each of these things I have done added a bit on to my gas milage. origionally i had 15-16 MPG or so. I also used to reset the computer often. I also used to baby the throttle, but thats not the most efficient way to drive.
Basically i would not reset the computer for a normally and your truck will learn how you usually drive and set itself to run as efficiently as possable. ALso if you have a bit of spare cash the mods i listed above will all help you.
If you have any qyestions, feel free to drop me an e-mail.