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Help, I broke my steering column!


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March 20, 2011
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Ashland Va
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2005 Xlt 4x4
Guys, I broke my steering column! Does it need to be replaced with a junkyard replacement or a aftermarket one? It’s a borgenson steering shaft. I’m running 37 stickies, lockers, and a 5.0… it’s a 1989 ranger…

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Quick google search pulled up this HD replacement part. Heavy-Duty Steering Column Bearing and Retainer
I was looking at those but it looks like when the lower bearing went it took part of the tube with it… I don’t know if that will completely fix it without replacing or sleeving the tube…
The 1995 explorer manifolds on the 5.0 rub the new sheeting shaft some, that will be fixed soon with a BFH

Hard to tell from you picture what sort of shape the tube is in, repair/reinforcement the tube with a new bearing??

these are Better pics, it looks like maybe what broke was just plastic?
Thanks in advance!


remove column and see about repairing

89 ranger column similar to 91-94 explorer or 89-93 ranger for donor parts

The 96 welded manifolds suck! if you take a hammer to those very likely they will brake
However you can cut your steering shaft through bolts down a little bit, maybe even consider raising the engine or trans just a bit to help clear (washers)