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HELP! I can not identify this part and my vehicle can not be driven.


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July 7, 2009
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'91 XL
Attached are pictures of the front right side of my 91' Ford Explorer (4WD) . I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures but I had to crawl under my car and fight with the ants. There is a large crack in what I'm told might be the control arm or the torsion bar but the person that was looking at the photos was not sure. Can you tell me what the name of this part is.. and where I might be able to find it?

I'd appreciate any help at all, thank you!




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where are you located?

that is the pas side ttb (twin traction beam.)

how did you do that?

Looks like you will be spending some time under your vehicle also.
I have a shackle that has all but rusted away!!

For future reference, your Explorer does not have torsion bars. As the others have stated, it has TTB.

Thank you so much, I'll be looking into that.

As for what happened, it was in an accident before I bought it. It was hit on the passenger's side, near the wheel that's damaged.

I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I got it but, I got it for $600.00 so I can't complain too much.

I was told that everything had been set back proper. All of the panels had been replaced. The glass was replaced and everything mechanical worked perfectly. I bought it from a mechanic so I did not think to check behind him. My mistake. I should have listened to better judgement and looked at it for myself.

The steering was a little off but I thought it just needed an alignment.

I lent it to my mother for about a month. Then when I started driving it again I noticed that it was pulling more then it had been before and that the wheel was starting to tilt in. It was clicking when I was taking corners and within a week it was clicking whenever I was driving. I did not have the money or way to work so I know I must have caused more damage then was needed. I stopped driving it all together on monday and have been trying to wrangle everything together to get this fixed on friday.

So hopefully now with this bit of direction I can accomplish this. :p:

My guess is the cracked beam was missed and it being drive for a while allowed it to "rip"..

A used front axle assembly from yards in the southwest are < $360.. that is complete assembly.. and you don't need the complete assembly.

Luckily, its the passenger side on that is bad.. It doesn't sound like something you can do, but a shop can do it for maybe $600, including the jy beam...

A shade tree mechanic could do it in one day assuming your not in the rust belt.

to get an idea of prices for the axle assembly (front on a 4x4) check out

EDIT: I just noticed the prices jump depending on your axle ratio.. (you have a dana 35, but I don't know the gear ratio).. which could bring the price up some.


I can not do much of anything as far as this goes. I was going to go to the junkyard to get the parts.. they said there was a guy there that would pull whatever I needed..

He should not need any sort of cutting torches or body saws will he? I am not sure if this peice is bolted on or if it is welded..

I am curious if I should be keeping my eye out for any other parts that may have become damaged because of this. Would the stress from the tear in the metal cause anything else to go out?

I was also told that a plate could be welded to it.. but I was unsure of this. Is it a common fix?

Sorry, I'm a newbie to all of this .:wtf:

I'd just replace it IMHO for safety sake. When I removed mine I had to use a cutting torch to just heat the upper and lower bolts that the radius arm was attached to loosen the loctite that retains the bolts from working loose. I would also look very closely at the radius arm and replace it too. If you let folks know what state you live in they might help in providing parts.

i wouldn't weld it. never know if it will aline after.

North Texas (DFW area). I've got several options that I am going to check out tomorrow but if anyone knows of anything around the area it would be helpful.

I am very, very thankful for everyone's help here. You guys have definitely given me a better idea of what I am looking at here.