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help i can't move


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August 21, 2011
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Lufkin, Tx
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92 Expo xlt 4x4 5.0
so my x will get in gear but it won't move. my dad says its the torque converter but i talked to a friend of mine for a new muffler and he said it could be the cats any answers?

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the other day i went and put it in each gear to see if any worked and reverse, 1st, and 2nd worked, and 3rd sort of worked.

transmission. they are weak and don't have enough cooling capacity. Replace/rebuild it and install an aux trans cooler.

Are there any other transmissions that just bolt up to the 4.0?

If you are in love with your truck (not uncommon...) you might consider finding a 5 sp ex with a cooked engine cheap and swap in the manual trans.

preferably not a manual

You sound like a highschool kid that that has limited hands on experience. Which is fine we all have to start somewhere. Listen to your dad. Either get a new/used/rebuilt trans, like the one in it or sell the truck and be done with it. Manual swaps are too much work and $ for somone in your situation, so is the 700R4 upgrade.

Does the engine bog down while trying to move or does it rev easily? If it boggs down then there is a problem with the torque convertor. If it free revs (slips) while trying to drive, you have clutch pack and or fluid pressure issues. Does the truck move itself at all, or is it locked in park? It is possible that the parking pawl is jambed and will not let the vehicle roll, also make sure the brakes are not locked up. Check your fluid, make sure its at the right level and not burnt or full of metal particles.

Cats will cause low engine power but will not keep the truck from moving. I think you have a mechanical driveline issue.

Manual swaps are not that hard, it just depends on how much wrenching experience you have, and how complete do you want to do the conversion. I have done one myself and am thinking about preparing for another.

You will be better off replacing/rebuilding the trans thats in it, if thats your problem. If you can remove the trans yourself, you can save $$ by not having the shop do it.

If the vehicle is 4wd, another possibility could be the transfer case

can anyone point me to a good m5od swap thread i've been seaching for the last couple of days and can't find a good one?

Change out the pedals from donor ex-- cut a hole in the floor for the shifter--install NEW clutch master and slave cylinders- Install NEW clutch and pressure plate-- install tranny/xfercase - install tranny wiring harness-- reconnect driveshafts-- done.

A suggestion....does it have any tranny fluid in it? Low fluid is a really easy fix and could cause your issue. Just before you get crazy with swaps/rebuilds.