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Help! I have an antifreeze leak.


December 6, 2008
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jamesburg nj
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1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 xlt
I have a 94 explorer limited the drivers side of the motor has a anti freeze leak. I am not fimilar with this 4.0 does this have freeze out plugs or is there a problem that i should be aware of?? All the help will be appreciated. Thanks for your time and having me as a member.

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Welcome to the site. There is freeze plugs on both sides of the block, has it froze lately or over heated?

Welcome to this forum! Get a pressure tester from Autozone's loaner program, and pump it up. You should be able to locate the leak within a minute or so.

I had an issue with that motor, kept losing antifreeze, leaving a puddle, overheating, huge mess. Ended up being the plenum gasket which I understand is pretty common. It was a little bit of a pain to do, there were a lot of things in the way to get it out, but it runs great now.

Thanks for all your info. I appreciate it.