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Help! I have the 1998 blues


January 26, 2010
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Seattle, WA
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92 Eddie Bauer
Alright I've tried for hours now searching the website looking for my answer please somebody tell me the answer or provide a link where I can get my answer. I am attempting to put a 2" lift on my buddies 1998 4 door ex. I have the front lift figured out but I need help in the rear lift. I have checked all the parts websites and nobody provides an add-a-leaf for an explorer after 1997.

Does anybody know if the add-a-leaf sold for the 1997 and older explorers will work for the 1998?

If it doesn't work should I just get a leaf spring from a 1997 or older and get the add-a-leaf?

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Torsion key twist up front, and war153 shackles out back give you the best 2" lift.

1991-2001 Leaf springs are identical. You can do an add-a-leaf on the Ex but may just want to put WAR153 shackles on it. The front of course is torsion twist.

Yep- mine has an AAL and it's a 2000... :)

Here are the Warrior shackles and AAL on mine next to a stock Eddie Bauer. I do not have a lot of tire, either. 3" lift in back, 2" in front (torsion keys)




Awsome thanks for the help guys. I will be getting togather with my buddie on thursday the 10th and buy the shackles, AAL and shocks.
One more question, I'm going to do the TT on his ride. My plan is to buy the 2" lift shocks for the front. Is it recommended to buy 2" lift shocks?

You don't have to. I believe you can still run stock shocks, but it doesn't hurt to have the 2'' lift shocks.

Is that what the Superlift shocks are? I have those. I have no idea, I don't know what the hell my truck has on it. lol!