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help i need info for my sub installation.


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April 9, 2010
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queens, new york
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explorer 2004 Limited
Hi thankx for trying to help me =)
i have a ford explorer 04 its a limited version so my four speakers are only highs and it has a seperate subwoofer with its own small amp. but this is all factory stuff.

i am installing a small kicker 12 inch subwoofer 2ohm and a matching 2ohm amp. my question is since my factory system came alredy with a seperate amp for the subwoofer if it has cables there that i can disconnect and use for my new sub. i dont expect to use powercables as it wont handle the new sub i mean cables like the remote amp wire or something like that which turns on the amp with the headunit. And if this factory amp already has the rca CABLES WITH THE BASS SIGNAL? or do i need regardless a high to low converter from the head unit and bring the rca cables all the wall to the back. please any info i would greatly appreciate it thankx in advance

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Use the hi-lo converter, there are no stock RCA's, you can use the signal going to the stock sub amp

hi thankyou i just visited my local sound install place and they told me that since i have the premium sound system the factory amp has the wires i can use fro my new amp i just need to suspend the old amp they said i would need to install new power 4 gage wire and a ground wire. the old amp dosent have rca cables but it has a bulk of cables that in there is the remote apm on /off cable and the wires with the bass signal that i can cut and reroute to my new amp. thankx i dont need a high to low since the cables are already there for me to cut and use . i will suspend my old stock 8inch and install my new kicker 12 inch and new amp soon =)

please keep us posted as im looking to just replace the stock sub with the same size 8inch kicker looking to see the best cheapest way to go.

ok update i decided to change the headunit as well and installed a pioneer 3200bt and well it was not that hard to do.. okai if you want to just replace the sub here goes.
okai u must open where the suboofer goes and cut the wires if u want to susped the sub.
okai now in the bunch of cables you will only need 3 cables
redwith blackstripe is the remote wire aka the wire that sends the signal to power on or off the amp.
the orange/brown plus the blue/red cable these ware the positive and negative for the signal so get a hold or an rca cable and slice it open about 3 inches from the actual rca now seperate the cables an the inside is the positive and the outside is negative now connect these cables to the orance/brown cable is negative and the blue/red is positive. after you have done this that cable now can plug into the amp 1 channel for 1 subwoofer if u want to use two subwoofers u need a y connector and make that one rca into 2 cables =) now u got a 2 channels for two subs =)
install a big fat ground wire in the back sowhere that touches the chasis and bring the positive cable all the way from the battery and now ur amp has power, dont forget the fuse installation by the battery no more the 6 inches from the batt. use 4 gauge wire =) then just adjust your amp and wire up to your subs that pasrt ir pretty straight foward.

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