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Help identifying a pcv hose connector on a 5.0


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May 2, 2014
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2000 Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD
I'm really hoping someone can help with this as its been a headache the past 2 days. I gave my truck to my mechanic 2 days ago to do the intake gasket since it was leaking. He informed me that a hose connector was broken and needs to be replaced but he can't seem to find it anywhere and when he mentions it to the parts guys, they don't know what he's referring to. Also, the diagrams he finds anywhere don't match what he's looking for. I'll do my best to explain and hope someone with some experience here can point me in the right direction.

The piece he is referring to comes after the hose connected to the pcv valve. He says the order goes intake>pcv grommet>pcv valve>hose>'F-Shaped Connector'.

This F-shaped Connector is black and plastic and I can't seem to find it anywhere. When I research it online, I think people refer to Tee connectors, but no F connectors. The piece was broken, so he didn't actually get a good look at it, but he says the way the hoses line up it also looks like it should be an F. He has seen a few diagrams online and says I have a different setup, but I don't know how that could be.

Anyone have a clue as to what I'm talkin' about? I sure don't...:scratch:

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I think you are referring to the hose connection toward the upper right corner in this picture. Correct?


I wonder if you can make the F fitting out of this



purolator part number PV152

Honestly I'm not sure. I'm going to show him this pic tomorrow, but if so, do you have a part number, name, or link for this piece?

Yes the piece in your photo is what I need. As far as your edit, I wish I Is there nowhere to find this actual piece?

How the heck did you even respond with a photo that fast? lol

Any1 have a clue as to where i could find that part please?

The "problem" occured when the mechanic broke the fitting. I doubt they can break themselves just sitting there.
That being said you should be able to get one from a junk yard if you are very careful.

If this isnt a good option for you, one could be made from a T, a short peice of hose and an elbow fitting.

In fact, 2 t's could be used , you'd just need to cap off one open leg of one of the T's

Your mechanic should be able to figure this out. I don't understand why he is shoving the burden on you.

Home depot sells a lot of barbed hose fittings that should work. It's only a vacuum line ya know--;)

I came up with the picture out of the "2000 mountaineer" link in my signature. I just had my whole engine apart recently.

Thanks for all your help Turdle. He offered to put together something exactly like you mentioned but I just was hoping to find the actual piece before going that route. As far as him breaking it, yeah its a possibility. He said it just came apart like it was broken but held together. Either way, thanks for the assistance. I didnt think such a basic part would prove so difficult to find.

Simple 2 T-connectors would work with addition of short section of hose between the first and second T. Otherwise you can get 4-way T in help section with Dorman 47361.