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Help Identifying Electronic Module


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February 29, 2004
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Buffalo, NY
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96 Eddie Bauer
Hi All,

Started hearing a rapping noise comming from the glove box the other day. It turned out to be a small (3"x4") electronic module that sits just behind the left side of the glove box. I pulled the electrical connector and of course it stopped. If I plug it back in it starts again. Seems like it's an actuator of some kind.

Can anyone tell me what this thing does?

Truck is a 96 Explorer (Eddie Bauer version).



got a pic it'll make it easier to see what you area referring to.

After you unpluged it is there anything that does not work?

In my 99 there is a PATS module and a restraint control module in the are you describe.

Think I Found It

I believe its the dreaded blend door problem