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Help Identifying Part


New Member
April 3, 2010
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Los Angeles
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99 Sport
Hello guys, I've been doing searches, trying all different types of searches.

So I did the 00M12 repair, upper and lower intake manifold gaskets, timing chain tensioner, etc.

While doing this, I moved the passenger side fuel rail, according to MikeH repair guide

long story short, the fuel injector has a sleeve that sits between the block and the injector itself. Its not the fuel injector Oring. I went to autozone and pepboys.

No one knows what the part is called and I cant find it online.

Does anyone have a part number or the technical name for it so that i can call the dealer?

Thanks in advance.


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June 24, 2011
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McHenry, IL
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1996 Eddie Bauer AWD V8
I know diesel trucks have a thing called an Injector Cup... Not sure about Gs trucks though.