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Help in choosing 05 Limited 4.6 vs 06 XLT 4.6


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January 29, 2005
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Chgo, IL
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06 Limited 4.6 4X4
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I am trading in my 98 xlt 5.0 AWD for a 05 Limited 4x4 4.6 loaded with 22K miles or am considering a 06 XLT 4x4 4.6 with 22K and some options both with 3rd row seats and trailer tow package. I have read the industry reports on how the 06 is the quietest and safest Explorer yet with the most hp and trailer towing capacity. I tow a 7000# boat trailer and occasionally will haul my family of 5 around (hence the 3rd row seats) which one performs better on a daily basis. When I drove both it seems the 05 was stronger accelerating (but floored neither) and had the racier exhaust tone while the 06 seemed like a quiet mannerable car. I would like to hear opinions from those that have driven either or both. I love all the bells and whistles of the 05 but like the newer styling of the 06 XLT. Is it better to have the newer safety features in the 06 or the gizmos in the 05 like messsage control center, heated and memory seats, power pedal adjustments, DVD system?

Thanks in Advance

Thanks I bought a 06 Ltd