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help installing aftermarket cd player


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January 6, 2012
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I'm trying to install an aftermarket cd player in my 96 explorer. I've read around a little already and have bypassed the factory amp, but my speakers still don't work. I need to know exactly how to hook up the speakers to my new cd player in the dash and any more information will be greatly appreciated.


what kind of aftermarket unit do you have and did you get the proper harness from where you bought it? that will make the install much easier.

i just finished installing a cd player in my truck and used the remote wire from the deck and wire tapped it to the factory amp wire and my speakers work now. i bought a harness made for that and it did not work so i wired it myself. the factory amp wire is on the opposite end of the constant power.

I have a pioneer cd player. The scosche harness fits for the power but I'm having trouble with the speakers. I have already bypassed the amp, I need to know how to hook the speakers up to my new cd player, any info will be great