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Help Installing new Subwoofer, Edead, Amp in 98 Mountaineer


July 6, 2010
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Washington, DC
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1998 Mercury Mountaineer
I have a '98 Mountaineer with the Mach Audio System (including subwoofer in back). I replaced the stock HU with an older Sony Xplod HU and 10 disc cd changer. The stock subwoofer sounds miserable with it, so I just purchased a JL Audio 8W1v2-4 8" 4-ohm subwoofer and edead to give it a little better sound. Do I need to get a new amp? Can I use the old wiring that's there? Do I need to bypass the stock amp? Also, does anyone have any experience installing edead all over the car? Finally, do I need to replace the speakers in the doors as well or are the stock speakers fine?

I am having trouble locating much information on these things despite the fact that I know these things have probably been discussed ad nauseum on the forums here.

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you can use the stock speakers. It would probably be beneficial to get a new amp and bypass the stock one, but you won't be able to use the wiring that is there.

What sort of amp is best to get bang for buck? Anyone have experience installing noise deadening material?

Installed New Amp and Sub in 98 with Premium Mach Audio System

I bought a Bazooka ELA 150.1 Amp and rewired it so that it was properly wired to the aftermarket HU, battery and new subwoofer. This was the first time I had done an amp and sub install and since I wanted to make everything appear factory in the back, I took my time. The total time it took to install everything was probably 2 days. The subwoofer fit in the stock hole since it was an 8" and the the amp also fit in the stock amp location. The sound is absolutely incredible now. I highly recommend this installation to anyone who has an X or Mounty. It is well, well worth it. Next step is eDead install...

for edead or any sound deadening you basically have to strip the car if you want to do the whole car. just peel and stick onto the surface and use the roller to get into the crevices real good.

Wipe your surfaces with alcohol before you install the deadening. This will get all the dirt & other stuff off & make the Edead stick better.