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Help! installing Reese receiver


November 8, 2012
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Hey all,

(2005 Ex 4x4) Tried installing the Reese reciver I purchased (Reese part #33031) for the '05 Ex and needless to say its not going well! Though it is the correct model for my vehicle, the unit won't fit over the existing bumper mount flanges as the instructions indicate. It is supposed to bolt over the existing factory hitch/bumper...It seems like the Reese unit is about 1/4 off overall as far as width.

In a nutshell, the directions say remove the factory bumper flange bolts, and with the factory bumper still in place, slide the hitch unit up into position re-bolt through the existing mounting holes. My ex is bone stock and has never been in an accident, etc. Can't figure out what the problem would be, maybe there is a trick? It seems like the only way this thing will fit is if the factory bumper is removed totally....because the reese unit fits just fine over the frame rails themselves....I'm not a master mechanic, but have been around cars and have done repairs all my life...Frustrated!! What am I doing wrong??? Thanks so much for your help! ----Rob