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Help! Lumbar Support Broken



The plastic lumbar support in my 05 XLT with cloth seats broke. I already got the replacement part from Ford. My question is, "has anyone had to do this?", or "has anyone taken the drivers side seat back apart." Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: It wasn't as difficult as I thought, although not as easy as it could have been. The lumbar support is rivited in. To replace it, I had to take out the old rivits and use a pop rivit gun put new ones in. This was the hardest part. Fortunately, my Ford parts guys had the lumbar support. During the process, I discovered that the seat foam cushion was torn, so I got a replacement (two day order process). But, today, it's all in and wow, what a difference. I didn't think that the foam would be as "tired" as it was. It's a brand new seat.

Bill W