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HELP major trans mision problems 99 eb 4.0


August 11, 2004
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pepperell ma
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99 Eddie Bauer
this morning i was puilling my trailer, and saw a cloud of smoke comming from the back of the truck pulled over and it was burnt trans fluid.

the trans was pissing out fluid. i was doing about 60 mph going up a small hill on the high way. i had been driving the truck for about 30 minutes.

got towed home the truck still moves under its own power i do not knotice any slipping. buy the fluid is burnt and i have a black film in side the pan.

i can not find a leak due to the whole under side of the truck being covered in fluid.

tommarow i plan on doing a filter and fluid change and cleaing the under side and going for a little drive.

is there anything else i sholud look for?

again it is a 99 eb 4.0 sohc auto with 155k second owner