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Help Me Before I Blow This Truck UP!!!!


June 21, 2009
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1993 XLT
I made the recent mistake of buying a 93 Explorer XLT, because I fell in love with my mom's. But this she-beast, is NOTHING but a pain in my patootie! It came with a Lincoln Tape deck in it. When I removed the blasted thing, I found the wires were all intact as Ford put them in. I bought a wiring harness for it because I was installing a different brand CD player in it. The only way to get power to the player and have it function is to have all of the ignition wires, memory 12V wires, and the amp-on wire from the player attached in a cluster---- and taped together. Now the problems begin. 1) The memory on the player does not function, I have to reset all of the bass, treble, etc before driving away if I power off the truck. 2) My interior lights ONLY work if I have the key in the ignition. 3) My a/c and heat blower will not power off, whatsoever. (Unless of course, I unplug it under the hood.) I've installed car stereos tons of times and am completely at a loss here. I have no idea how to fix this mess of a truck. I googled some things and found that a lot of people were having a problem with their players not powering on or working. So I'm hoping that someone here can tell me how to fix the problem, since most of those posts were several years old. Sorry, just now decided to buy a Ford and couldn't afford a brand new one. I'm so terribly close to selling this one and buying something else it isn't funny. And it's a shame, too. It has less than 100k on it.

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I think I know what your problem is, try reversing your constant and switched power wires form the car to the stereo and see if that fixes the problems

Nix, thanks I already tried that, and get the same result.
parad1gm, I've tried Dual, Pioneer and Boss all with the same results.

Well Then I'd run 2 lines from your batery, connect one to the constant f the radio and connect the other to a switch to the ignition, and se if that fixes your issues.

EDIT: If you do run the wires, dont forget to fuse them, just a common sense thing, but forgot to put it

I need to make a small adjustment from my original post. It is the battery wire and the memory wires that are all bundled into one. Not them with the amp on wire. I have the amp wire taped off. I think I mentioned before that if I run the battery to battery and memory to memory, I get no power. The CD player will run properly (sans the speakers) if I test it to the truck battery.

So you're giving up on your Ford because a aftermarket stereo install is whooping your ass? Wait till something really goes wrong.. It's a 1993 man! You better be commited to wrenching or sell it and get a newer vehicle.

Oh damn I thought for some reason it said 96

When you buy something that old, you gotta expect some work to be done....whether it be mechanical, electrical, anything...

Be glad yours isnt something horrible with the engine or something.

Do this.
Run a constant from the battery to the radio, then run the switched (ignition) from the fusebox, to the radio, then your all set, maybe run a new ground.

And if that doesnt work, its your headunit.

Well, nitro, I don't see you offering any expertise. The problem is in blue and is circled. That's the problem with the truck. I never said I expected a brand new condition vehicle, EVEN THOUGH it has less than 100k on it. Pretty damn new condition, ya think? If you can't offer any help, then don't read my posts.

BrianDye, the age of the vehicle isn't important. All stereos (give or take a tiny bit) install the same way. I wanted to know if anyone on the forums had the same problem and how they fixed it. If anything else goes wrong with it, I'm using it for demo derby.

Just trying to get you in the right frame of mind for owning it. There are a lot of good things about a Explorer but like ANY old vehicle you're going to have to work on it and learn how it works. I'm installing a stereo sometime this week and I guarantee you I"m not clustering any wires coming into it from the ignition system.

That is part of the problem. The wiring issue lies deeper than just the stereo, I suspect. I've hooked it up exactly as it should be. But I get no power. And the only way to get a functional stereo is to hook the battery and ignitions all together on one. So from there, I want to figure out where my wiring is crossed, or shorted-whatever. I do not see where the previous owner has spliced or even touched the stereo wiring. The only reason I know it has been tampered with is that the truck was sold to me with a Lincoln tape deck in it. Now then, there is another wiring issue that I have...My a/c blower is constantly on. I tried to remove the fuse for the A/C and clutch coil. Well, that turned off the blower as intended, but I also ended up not having any headlights, taillights, blinkers, nada. Makes no sense, because the fuse for all that is on three DIFFERENT fuses. Did I also mention the fact that with the radio wired in, I only have interior lights when the key is in the ignition? Pretty useless feature.

Oh, and yeah, the stereo isn't the problem. I've tried three different stereos in the truck, all of which were proven to be working normally in a different vehicle. (Gotta love having extra vehicles to try different things.)

Sounds like the ignition fuse is blown happened in my 99 sport, replaced fuse and fixe problem

I'll try that. Provided I can figure out which one is the correct one. Hopefully it's the one that is marked in the manual.

I need to replace them all anyway because many of them are of incorrect amps.

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Kind of makes me feel like a jackass, but that was the problem with the stereo. (Still have the problem with the a/c blower.) It sucks getting all wrapped up in a project and forgetting the little things. Thank you. I briefly thought of checking the fuses yesterday while doing something else and was too busy to follow up. Then your post reminded me.