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Help Me Before I Blow This Truck UP!!!!

So it was the fuse, glad to help had the same problem with mine, it was the last ting I checked

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It's amazing how much hassle one fuse can cause.

I had a charging system problem on my '97. After one rebuilt alternator and two new ones in less than a month it ended up being a blown fuse.

It sure was. It would have caused a lot less headache if I had just checked that first.

Glad you found your problem. I forgot about fuses the hard way too... replaced ALL my tail lights in a walmart parking lot before i thought to check a fuse... :S

My dad always said check the smallest things first. It works.

if you are having that much trouble just run a 12g wire from the battery with a 10 amp fuse directly to the headunits constant .. usually a yellow wire on the head unit than use a test light and find a solid ignition and tap into that for your ignition wire on your head unit and than run a new ground if need ver simple and no more asprin needed for that head ache :)