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Help me decide on a color for a 2019 Sport

I've owned a dark metallic blue, metallic red and now have the white platinum metallic tri-coat white. The dark blue was '91 Eddie Bauer with tan accents, a great looking four wheel drive at the time which received a lot of compliments. This was also well before the time SUVs were a dime a dozen. Similar to black, tough to keep clean and on hot days it absorbed a lot of heat. Vice versa on cold days, adsorption of the heat is a good thing. The red explorer I owned was a fully loaded '02 Eddie Bauer again. I was extremely hesitant to buy a red vehicle and went back and forth several times before I reluctantly pulled the trigger. After owning a red Explorer I now know why a lot of sports cars, Indy, NASCAR and Ferrari's are red, it's a great looking color and very visible to other drivers. The only color being more visible than red to other other drivers/people is yellow, hence the reason it's the color of taxis. With that said, it's not a super popular color and based on my initial hesitation to buy it, it may command lesser resale value and/or may be more difficult to sell. I now own a white Explorer, by far the most boring color that I've owned, but in warm climates it's a dream with the surface temperature being about 30 degrees cooler than a darker color on a very hot day. It also hides mild dust and dirt fairly well without anything getting baked onto it. In addition to that it's also provides good visibility to other drivers and from what I've read commands a better resale value than most other colors.

In summary, it seems like 80-90% of all vehicles on the road are either black, white or some sort of variation in between like silver, gray, metallic, etc. White is extremely easy to care for, but I'm more of fan of the unique colors nowadays and hold red vehicles in high regard.

We currently have the Platinum White and love it especially with the aftermarket black wheels so that's my first pick. I think silver looks really good too with the right wheel color.

I'll always pick black first just looks the best. I will say that the white on black stormtrooper look is growing on me these days.